Stupid Deal of the Day App Reviews

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Doesnt work, again!!! iOS 9.3.2

Please fix!

Unexpected token

Not fixed yet. Keeps saying unexpected token found.

New update broken

Produces a "Syntax Error: unexpected token" and a blank white screen whenever I open it. Notifications work fine but they are useless if I cant get into the app! Please fix!

Fixed the notifications, broke the app

Thanks MF for updating the app. You fixed the notification part but the app worked for me one day. Now I get a white screen and a unexpected token bubble.

Still not working

I have been unable to see any deal on this app for the last 2 updates. I keep getting the error message: Index.html. Unexpected token And then a blank screen.

Nothing but a white screen

When I launch the app on my iPhone 6 Plus I get "Unexpected Token" dialog & a white screen. App support link & isnt a support link at all, it just links to the regular MF webpage. Im sure if it worked the app is fine but for me right now its a big dud.

Notifications Broken Still

Notifications are not working on iPhone 6s Plus. Running latest iOS version, uninstalled & reinstalled app & still no notifications. App wont even open now!

Please fix.

Used to work, now only getting notification "unexpected token" with last update. Love the app, hate the breakdowns.

Stupid Deal of the Day

"Syntax error: unexpected token" most of Memorial Day 2016, interfering with Deals of the Hour. On both iPhone 6 & iPad. Very disappointing!

Easy and convenient.

Seems to be working fine. Easy to check out the deals.


Shows only blank screen when opened

White Screen freeze

Since I downloaded the latest version of this app, I get a white blank screen freeze that does nothing on many days upon launching. I notice on those days I get an email independent from the app that announces the deal so I am thinking perhaps the developers of the app know that there is a problem so they sent a backup email since the app will not launch. So my opinion of Newest release of this app is 2 stars. I would give it zero for its undependability if I did not receive the emails as described above.


Used to work perfectly. Now, only a blank screen.

Blank white screen

App will not start up and Im presented with a blank, white screen.

White screen.

App has been unstable since the July 4th all day hourly deals. Have not been able to get on app since. Nothing but a white screen. Frustrating


Like all the other reviews, this app freezes and crashes every time I attempt to use it. Dont waste your time downloading it.


This software has been buggy over time. The most recent update killed it again. The current version just shows the app splash screen then doesnt progress any further. Save yourself the aggravation and just visit the MF website in Safari.

All Roads Lead To Their Web Site

Latest version (7/25/16) includes a link to see all three "stupid deals of the day". Surprise - all it does is launch a browser window and send you to their web site. If youre just going to send me to the browser, why do I even need your app?!? Not ready for prime time. Tried app sypport and it also launches the browser version of stupid deal, not a support page...?!? You appear to have designed an app whose sole purpose is to send folks to your web site. Now THATS a stupid deal.

Used to be great but now the worst ever

This used to be a good app but the last few months just keeps getting worse until now it doesnt work at all just shows total white out. Not even a delete and reinstall helps anymore. The previous few weeks it would lockup on a day for a week or more, not update to the next deal. Totally disappointing you cant hire someone smart enough to keep It working. I would give it a negative 5 stars.

Deals are Great, but not their App

Ive ordered many Stupid Deals Of The Day (and still do), but there have been many times when I couldnt place a SDOTD order with this App (and sometimes via their website) - so in all fairness, maybe theres a "combo" problem, and not just this App at fault? The App itself never crashes on me; itll hang, but without an eventual timeout to let you know something went wrong (e.g., like its not handshaking "well" with back-end processes). Ive had numerous White Screens of Death, have had to quit the App to receive daily SDOTD refreshes, have received cart contents from the previous day and also had the cart contents frozen (i.e., the "X" to remove items doesnt work), etc., etc. Yesterday, I made it all the way to PayPal, and then the transaction failed upon return to MFs checkout process (the item showed in-stock and ready to ship when I clicked "add to cart"). Yes, its an okay App/Service when it works, and Ill continue to use it. However, there must be TONS of potential revenue being turned away. FYI - Ive never had bogus charges from failed transactions, so thats a plus (i.e., what youd expect from a transaction-oriented business process).

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